Personal Independence Payment: National Go-live For New Claims

As part of wider welfare reform, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people who were aged 16 to 64 on 8 April 2013 or reach age 16 after that date. This is initially for new claims only.

Below is further information from the DWP. This is information only and not endorsed in anyway by the UKDPC.

New claims

New claims to PIP started for the whole of Great Britain from 10 June 2013. From this date people aged 16 to 64 can no longer make new claims to DLA. We’ll refer people wishing to claim DLA to the PIP new claims number 0800 917 2222 (textphone 0800 917 7777).

Our experience of taking the first PIP claims during April and May has been that the initial call to claim PIP is quick and easy for the majority of people. We are only gathering a limited amount of basic information at this stage and it helps if people have the necessary information to hand – details can be found at

If a claimant is unable to deal with us over the phone, or can’t get help to make the initial claim call, they can request that we post a paper PIP claim form to them to capture the basic information necessary. Stocks of clerical claim forms are not available to order.

Enquiries For DWP Pip Contact Number

For any other PIP enquiries, please encourage claimants to phone the PIP enquiry line 0845 850 3322 (textphone 0845 601 6677). It is important claimants and advisors use this number rather than the claims line if they have a query, because this will enable us to help more quickly and effectively. We’re expecting 35,000 claims a month on average, so you may get increasing numbers of enquiries.

Forms and leaflets

To make sure you’re offering the best advice, please destroy any stocks of DLA1A Adult, DLA1 Adult claim forms and DLA for Adults leaflets (code DWP016 or DWP016w).

Please make it clear to claimants that using these forms could delay new claims. Instead, issue a copy of the new PIP leaflet (DWP041 or DWP041w in Welsh) and ask them to call us on the numbers above.

You can still use the DLA forms for children and the DLA for Children leaflet (DWP013 or DWP013w).

What is different from the April controlled start?

Both Atos Healthcare and Capita Health and Wellbeing now deliver PIP assessments in different areas of the country, working in partnership with us. Assessments may involve a face-to-face consultation.

Up-to-date information about PIP

Visit for up-to-date information to adapt for your own guidance and communications. We’ve attached a checklist that is part of the toolkit, which contains practical advice about forms, leaflets and online guidance to link to.

More information about welfare reform is available on our website, including a DWP reform communications toolkit and a Universal Credit toolkit for partner organisations.

Direct claimants to for the latest information, including an online checker which tells them when they may be affected:

Please continue to email at with your questions and to share your experiences of PIP. We can also offer advice or help with tailoring materials for you.

You can follow @ODIgovuk on Twitter for information about delivery of the government’s vision for disabled people, including PIP updates.

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